It all started when…

Kelli Anna Gendala, 5 years ago living in NYC. On a journey searching for the deepest of healings. Doing all the “right things”. Practicing yoga, journaling, eating right, and still something was missing. One day on the subway an advertisement jumped in front of my face and read “Sound Bath”. I thought to myself, “Wow! Ohhhhh! What is a sound bath?”

A few days later walking into a meditative room with crystal singing bowls, drums, bells, things I did not know the meaning of perfectly placed at the front of the room. Yoga mats and blankest for us to lay on the ground. Choosing my spot and making myself comfortable, he played.

I knew from the first moment the crystal bowls sang that I would become a sound healer. I went to depths I didn’t know were possible in a natural way. It was so transformational and beautiful that I went home and journaled about it and then as many great idea’s go …. I forgot about it.

5 years later I began a transformational leadership training that awakened again the call of my soul. I ordered my first bowl, note C, Root Chakra and eagerly opened the box, gently laying it on the ground. I began to play and as the bowl gave birth to sound I was brought to tears. For the time I felt as if I was listing to the sound of my true parents voice. The universe’s voice calling me home. And from that point on I knew the time had come to create space and healing for others. Unlocking and opening doors and to stand in the threshold for you is the deepest honor.