Sound Bath Immersion
4:00 PM16:00

Sound Bath Immersion

Through sound, inner silence and listening we can communicate and experience the parts of ourselves that go silent when "life" takes over. Get out of your head, let go and drop into your truth. Listen with your body. The sound will guide you.

During the Sound Bath Immersion, crystal singing bowls are played through a deep connection with the energies, auras and spirits within us and around us. You will be immersed in a unique symphony of sounds that emerge as the energies within the space unfold. Pulsating frequencies can be felt throughout your being and shatter energetic blockages. Together we'll experience a deeper state of relaxation and consciousness to connect and awaken our higher self.

Join sound alchemist and healer, Kelli Anna Gendalå, for an immersion that speaks to your soul through the language of vibration. Connecting with auras, energy, and spirits, Kelli's gift offers her a unique perspective in feeling and experiencing the depths of what humans are wanting to authentically communicate. Through her sound alchemy, Kelli's calling is to bring all energies together in a vortex to awaken all beings and heal the planet.

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COST: $30*


*There are a few spots available on sliding scale. If you require financial assistance, please email

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